Cover samsung a5 2017 kawaii Ocean Blue Unlocked Single SIM for sale online cover iphone 6 pusheen-cover samsung 5s mini-cbyfpr

Verified purchase: YesCondition: New

by pjsisk0101Nov 16, 2019

Nice phone, excellent conditionSO far, so good.

I’ve had the phone for all of about 2 hours and I was immediately impressed with the fact that it was A)brand new in original box and B) connected to the T Mobile network without an issue. I installed a screen custodia samsung j3 2017 ebay protector and thought that may be the issue but it seems to be there even with the protector off.

Verified purchase: YesCondition: New

by luckynmb13xJan 29, 2019

Amazing phone at an awesome priceI was a little skeptical of samsung hoesjes the phone because the price was lower than other sellers. However, I am pleased to report that everything was in order and the phone works great. Perfect phone for a power user and the dex feature takes it to a whole new level.

Verified purchase: YesCondition: New

Amazing battery life, Screen, Speed, and Light/Thin. Night photos A+Absolutly Wonderful. I upgraded from a Note 4 with a 10,000Mah ZeroLemon battery. I loved the phone, it was brick/Tank. and really wasn’t ready to upgrade. But the Note 4 was slowing down a lot. Even after multiple Factory resets and all, it seemed like the phone updates caused the phone to be almost unusable. My whole family of 4 all had the same issues same Note 4. So we all bought new Note 9 Phones and got Unlocked versions so we can use them in Alaska with native cover custodia samsung carriers during our custodia cover huawei p20 future vacation. I didnt have alot of hope that the note 9 with a Small 4,000Mah battery would be able to get me thru the day. Using it for Music, 5 emails, eBay (Buying and Selling), Consistent Picture taking, and even a Bar code scanner that i use for product scanning. Well to my surprise the frist samsung j3 hoesje few cover samsung s4 ops weeks i always had 40% left . While i have had it custodia cover samsung s10 plus for quite a while i now play games on it, as its fun and so fast for games. The battery JUST makes it thru out the entire day with out charging. I think i will add a battery case to it in the future. But im absolute happy with my phone purchase…

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